Single Origin Baker's Diamonds

Single Origin Baker's Diamonds


Our single-origin baker’s diamonds are tempered and hand cut, and perfect for baking uses where temper is important (like for chocolate chip cookies, or garnish). Mix and match, or choose your own favorite origin to align with our other bean-to-bake products.

As with other baking uses of bean-to-bar chocolate, you can often use less of this chocolate in a recipe, especially for chocolate chip cookies! Open to adventure seekers, experimenters and untamed bakers :)

~ Colombian Sierra Nevada has bright notes of apricot and lime with warm undertones of tobacco

~ Guatemalan Cahabón is beautifully dark and deep, with notes of grapes off the vine, red wine, and bitter orange

~ Dominican Öko Caribe has notes of red and brown fruit and spice, and is balanced and bright

~ Haitian PISA is delicately sweet with tasting notes of green mango and banana.

Ingredients: organic cacao (+house-pressed cocoa butter), organic cane sugar


Made on equipment that also processes nuts and dairy

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