Single Origin Baker's Bundle

Single Origin Baker's Bundle


A round-up of our single origin baking products. Choose your preferred origin and prepare to bake up your dreams. Each bundle includes a 1lb block of untempered 70% cacao dark chocolate, 1lb block of untempered 100% cacao dark chocolate, 1/2lb of our rustic cocoa powder, 1/4lb nibs, and 1/2lb of our tempered chocolate diamonds according to origin. Buy in a bundle and save <3

~ Colombian Sierra Nevada has bright notes of apricot and lime with warm undertones of tobacco

~ Guatemalan Cahabón is beautifully dark and deep, with notes of grapes off the vine, red wine, and bitter orange

~ Dominican Öko Caribe has notes of red and brown fruit and spice, and is balanced and bright

~ Haitian PISA is delicately sweet with tasting notes of green mango and banana.

Ingredients: organic cacao, organic cane sugar

Chocolate is made on equipment that also processes nuts and dairy

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