PISA Haiti Cacao Dark Milk Chocolate Bar

PISA Haiti Cacao Dark Milk Chocolate Bar


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Sweet, sweet Haiti. I was able to visit PISA in 2017, and the time there was unforgettable. I love working with their cacao, which is subtle and sweet, and I always want more. Our “dark milk” chocolate is actually a less-sweet celebration of a classic. We use roller-dried whole milk powder for a slight caramelized flavor and creamy texture, and press our own cocoa butter for more cocoa harmony.

PISA, acronym for Produits des Iles S.A., cacao comes from the northern Acul-du-Nord area of Haiti. The near 1,500 smallholder farmers, many of whom are women, produce a delightful cacao full of the flavor of mellow fruit and nuts.

Ingredients: organically-grown cacao, organic cane sugar, single-origin house-pressed cocoa butter, whole milk powder


Made on equipment that also processes nuts

Our boxes are recyclable and the inner wrapper is compostable in an industrial facility (such as Big Red Worms in Lincoln, NE!)

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