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Pomegranates & Rose Petals

Pomegranates & Rose Petals

It’s not just the title of my latest Spotify playlist, which, I believe, I started compiling even before these bars existed. I think it’s the way musicians create a song - it may start with a tune or a word or both at once, and somehow the lyrics form and wrap around the melody as it all grows into itself.

I could be wrong. I’ve never really written a song. But I’ve made a chocolate bar, and put together a playlist.

I remember sitting in Art History class my freshman year in college, thirteen years ago, and being faced with a slide of Bernini’s statue of Apollo and Daphne. Lusty and obsessed, Apollo is chasing nymph Daphne as she rushes away from him, and in her desperation she prays to her river god father to be freed from her body.

And she transforms into a laurel tree.

And so I have a feeling it is something like that. And you know what, I don’t remember Apollo at all in the sculpture. Only Daphne’s hands curling out into branches as her body twists and the bark wraps around her.

What I’m saying is, this is kind of what it’s like to make a chocolate bar, at least when you’re putting heart into it. You get hints and longings and suddenly, after wanting to create it for so long, you can’t turn back. You need to make it or you’ll be lost.

But also, the story of Daphne and Apollo breaks my heart. I never really thought it was a triumphant story. It seems like a curse to be encased in a tree forever to be protected from your rabid pursuer. It’s not fair. It’s enraging. And yet it’s this moment that Daphne owns and that no one else can experience: the thrill of becoming something else.

I could turn this all towards you to ask you what you are running from, and what you maybe transform it into instead. I hope it is something beautiful like a laurel tree, or I’ll say a pomegranate tree, or a rose bush :) But It doesn’t have to be. Sometimes you can’t help what the next steps are and how you feel in them. And that’s OK.

And that’s what this pomegranate & rose petals bar is all about. I’ve personally had a lot of internal transformations this past year, and this current pomegranate season has been especially comforting. I also started growing dwarf pomegranate trees from seeds with my mom on my birthday in the Spring. For some reason the one I took home with me wildly outgrew the others that my mom kept outside all summer. Maybe my apartment windowsill had just the right amount of light, or it took to my chronic underwatering, or Lincoln just has the right vibe :)

But whatever happened, this little tree grew more than I expected, even putting out immature fruits in September! I needed that. To me pomegranates are abundance in beauty, mystery, and independence. Ancient, elegant, peculiar. Feminine and powerful. And funny (busting open all that juiciness is funny to me at least). And my mom says that they are a social fruit, since it takes so much effort to break them open and free the arils, and they are great for sitting around, talking, and sharing.

I broke open 36 pomegranates in total for you for these bars. They are encased in a special Guatemalan blend of cacao (60% - it is particularly special because I rarely make anything under 70%) dark chocolate. The end of our last shipment of Lachua, some Monte Grande and even some Chimelb. To me this entire bar is like eating a pomegranate. It is utterly sensual also - since the pomegranate confiture oozes out and there is a lot of possible licking and melting and you know what moaning if you want that too :0 The rose petals on top are a little poem from me to you, and the Himalayan pink salt is there for all the tears in love and life.

So this bar is a very loving bar, and it’s for your freedom, and it’s for your growth. I hope you have felt that little twist forward this month, maybe from something you’ve been desiring all along.

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