We are overjoyed to be Nebraska’s first bean-to-bar chocolate producer, and to be able to provide you with internationally award-winning chocolate and cacao products to enhance your locally conscious, flavorful offerings.

At Sweet Minou it’s important for us to craft chocolate with feeling and eye-opening flavor. We source only transparently-traded organic cacao that actually makes an impact on farmers’ and producers’ lives. Learn more about our cacao and the wonderful people we get to work with through Uncommon Cacao here :



We know how every ingredient matters and brings life to your creations. Bean-to-bar chocolate, made artisanally and locally, can offer as much personality as a freshly-roasted single-origin coffee from your favorite roaster. We make chocolate because we love chocolate, and can’t wait to work with you to find just the right fit for your business.

Please contact us with any questions or possible projects, and you can also find our chocolate ready for purchase through our partners at Lone Tree Foods:



~2lb Baker’s Blocks of untempered, single-origin chocolate, 70% cacao and 100% cacao

~1lb Baker’s Diamonds bags of tempered, single-origin chocolate, 70% cacao

~1lb Bags of single-origin or blended rustic cocoa powder

~Selection of cocoa nibs, blended or single origin